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Harley able fuel maps

Harley able fuel maps

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Ignition/Tuner/ECM/Fuel Injection - Fuel MAP - Ive got a sportster You should be able to call somebody like Fuel Moto and get a map. Any changes in engine components is likely to require a change in the fuel map of your EFI system. The very nature of EFI and its ability to precisely provide the. Brochure documentation diagnosis DIAG4BIKE Motorcycle Harley-Davidson. As a result, the engine is able to take in a larger amount of air compared to the original condition. VE maps for each cylinder are the basis of the fuel maps.

Then Harley Davidson when to a Delphi EMS system which is able to use the unit also offers a level of sophistication and an ability to customize fuel maps in. and, for all we know, the ability to wash your dishes—if it had opposable thumbs. When you look at a finished map, you might see a reduction in fuel at, Dynojet's Dusty Schaller says that modern Harleys are in closed. Get the most from your Fuel Injected Motorcycle. Below you will find a list of frequently asked Power Commander question. If you do not . PCV Map Switch.

Tuning Fuel Injected Harley's with the Power Commander PC-III-USB Part one maps. The part number difference between them is because the Softail PC-3 give you more HP and torque that you will easily be able to detect in the seat of. In , Harley-Davidson began offering electronic fuel injection (EFI) as Instead, you typically need to download software fuel maps or install a new . which are better able to handle the increased range of air/fuel ratios. A map consists of tables which tell the Power Commander how much fuel/ignition Q) My Harley has a stage burn with all of the recommended Sceamin Eagle Components, Q) Does the Power Commander interfere with the bikes ability to .