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M14 5 Matsd Sp1 Eng Tz2 Xx M

M14 5 Matsd Sp1 Eng Tz2 Xx M

Name: M14 5 Matsd Sp1 Eng Tz2 Xx M

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M14/5/MATSD/SP1/ENG/TZ2/XX/M. 1. (a). 8. 10 (km).. (A2). (C2). Notes: Award (A2) for the correct answer. Award (A1)(A0) for and an incorrect index. (L) 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 4 7 1 5 –. M14/5/MATSD/SP1/ENG/TZ1/XX. Consider the three propositions p, . The diagram shows the points M(a, 18) and B(24,10). M14/5/MATME/SP1/ENG/TZ2/XX/M. This markscheme is confidential and for the exclusive use of examiners in this examination session. It is the property of the.

5 –. Turn over. M14/5/MATSD/SP1/ENG/TZ1/XX. 3. Consider the three . M(,18) a. B(24,10). A (0, 26) diagram not to scale. (a) Write down the. M14/5/MATSD/SP1/ENG/TZ1/XX/M. 25 pages. MARKSCHEME. May MATHEMATICAL STUDIES. Standard Level. Paper 1. M14/5/MATSD/SP1/ENG/TZ1/XX. Maximum marks will be given for correct answers. Where an answer is incorrect, some marks may be.

Write your session number in the boxes above. • Do not open this examination paper until instructed to do so. • You are not permitted access to. Tom stands at the top, T, of a vertical cliff m high and sees a SPEC/5/ MATSD/SP1/ENG/TZ0/XX. – 5 –. Turn over. 3. Consider each of the. M14/5/MATHL/HP2/ENG/TZ2/XX/M. Instructions to Examiners. Abbreviations. M. Marks awarded for attempting to use a correct Method; working must be seen. M16/5/MATSD/SP1/ENG/TZ2/XX/M. Paper 1 Markscheme. Instructions to Examiners. Notes: If in doubt about these instructions or any other marking issues .